War, Terrorism and Political Violence

Within the Ark War, Terrorism and Political Violence account we write the full range of Political Violence perils.  These coverages are offered to our clients on a global basis. Our clients include, Financial Institutions, Power Generation, Oil & Gas Utilities, Branded companies, Hotels, Retail, Government assets and Sports & Leisure interests

We provide both asset protection and/or legal liability for damages/costs following a Political Violence event.


  • Sabotage & Terrorism
  • Riots, Strikes, Civil Commotions & Malicious Damage
  • Insurrection, Rebellion, Revolution, Mutiny & Coup d’etat
  • War & Civil War
  • Broad form Terrorism Liability – Employees’ & Third Parties
  • Terrorism & Sabotage (including Threat)
  • Nuclear, Chemical, Biological & Radiological


  • Physical Damage to the assureds’ assets
  • Business Interruption and extra expense following  property damage
  • Third Party/Public Liability and Employers Liability
  • Event Cancellation
  • Lenders/Finance interests

Line Size USD 50,000,000 any one risk for policy periods not exceeding 18 months