Product Recall


Our Specialty business lines include Political Risk, War, Terrorism and Political Violence and Product Recall.

Business lines

Distillation tank of oil refinery plant at night

Political Risk

The Ark Political Risk team writes a broad array of contract frustration non-payment and non-performance and related perils.

We also provide asset/equity protection for confiscation/expropriation, war on land and PV where it forms part of broad-form coverage. Drawing upon our expertise, experience and long-term relationships we can deliver an innovative and tailored approach to the complex requirements of our brokers and clients.

The client base is a mixture of traders, banks, corporates, export credit agencies and multi-lateral organisations. Exposures are focussed within the industry types of oil, gas and other commodities, power generation, financial institutions, and construction, with an increasing proportion geared towards ESG elements.

War, Terrorism and Political Violence

Ark’s 4020 Syndicate provides asset protection to policyholders on a global basis for all political violence perils.

Our clients include financial institutions, energy companies, hotels, real estate, banks and sports and leisure interests. We provide both asset protection and/or legal liability for damages/costs following a political violence event or threat.

These perils include:

  • Sabotage and terrorism
  • Riots, strikes, civil commotions and malicious damage
  • Insurrection, rebellion and revolution
  • War and civil war
  • Terrorism liability: employee and third party
  • Threat
  • Active assailant
  • Cyber
  • Nuclear, chemical, biological and radiological

We cover:

  • Physical damage, business interruption, increased cost of working
  • Non-damage business interruption
  • Financial cost to a company for damages/liability to a third party and/or employees following a terrorist event

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