Our Reinsurance business lines include Accident & Health Reinsurance, Casualty Reinsurance, Property Reinsurance and Specialty Reinsurance.

Business lines


Property Reinsurance

Ark’s Property Reinsurance account includes mostly non-proportional treaties supplemented by a small number of proportional treaties.

We provide catastrophe protection against major natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes, as well as per-risk reinsurance to limit our clients’ potential losses from any single location or policy.

The account has a global profile, with key exposures to US wind and earthquake risks balanced by regional writings in Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada and the rest of the world.

Accident & Health Reinsurance

The Team has considerable experience in quoting and writing reinsurance on all types of business in the Accident and Health sector.

Risks are considered from anywhere in the world and can include most types of coverage including earthquake and Nuclear, Biological and Chemical terrorism if required.

Particular focus is made on Catastrophe and/or Risk protection of small to medium sized A&H and Life companies and although the majority of the business is written on a Non Proportional basis, Proportional or Stop loss will be considered if requested by clients and suitable to the coverage required.

Medical reinsurance, especially on a Per Person Cat basis and WCA on a multi life basis, as well as specific travel medical such as “Out of Province/Country” and “Expat” business, are considered

The syndicate underwriters are happy to work with clients and brokers, utilising their many years of market experience, to tailor coverage suitable to their requirements.

Casualty Reinsurance

Our Casualty Reinsurance Team mostly underwrites business from North America, with an emphasis on our excess of loss treaty portfolio.

We also consider other forms of reinsurance placement such as quota share and loss-sensitive contracts. Our book comprises professional liability, medical malpractice, general liability, fidelity, auto liability, directors and officers liability, worker’s compensation cat and casualty clash.

We also take on more specialist protections such as environmental, surety, municipal and cyber liability, as well as open market risks.

The team specialises in reinsuring monoline, state-specific companies such as mutuals, captives and risk retention groups. In addition, we are open to a wider audience and keen to explore avenues of alliance beyond the basic reinsurance treaty to encompass tailored risk management solutions and specialist claims handling.

Specialty Reinsurance

Our Specialty Reinsurance Team underwrites a wide variety of distinct business lines, designed to complement and diversify Ark’s Syndicate 4020 underwriting portfolio.

The team’s mission is to fulfil client requirements with the most efficient reinsurance solutions.

Our lines of business include:

  • A&H Retro
  • Agricultural Reinsurance/Retro
  • Aviation Reinsurance/Retro
  • Bloodstock Insurance/ Reinsurance
  • Construction (short tail) Reinsurance/Retro
  • Film and Media, and Contingency Reinsurance
  • K&R Reinsurance
  • Livestock Insurance/Reinsurance
  • Marine Retro
  • Nuclear Property Insurance/ Reinsurance
  • Product Recall Reinsurance
  • Space Insurance/Reinsurance/ Retro
  • Surety Reinsurance
  • Terror/PV Reinsurance

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