Our Specialty business lines include Terrorism & Political Violence, Workers Compensation, Space, Aviation, Nuclear, Cyber and Technical Lines.

Business lines

Terrorism & Political Violence

Providing coverage for all terrorism perils including SRCC (Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotion) and War on Land.

Workers Compensation

Providing coverage for lost wages due to injury or compensable events.  We provide this coverage on an excess of loss basis for large catastrophic occurrences.


Providing coverage solely on a proportional treaty basis, we insure a portfolio of Satellite Launch, Commissioning, and In-orbit risks.



Providing coverage for events within the aviation industry relating to major airlines and aviation products, general aviation and AVN52 exposure.  We provide this coverage on an excess of loss basis.


Providing coverage for physical damage as well as liability associated with decontamination due to a nuclear event.


Provides both first party and third party coverage including data theft, loss of income, extortion and reputational harm as well as liability coverage.  This LOB covers cedants from a breach, incident, or event. Due to the fast evolving nature of this peril as well as the rapid growth potential, we offer Cyber coverage to core clients on a proportional basis.

Technical Lines

We provide coverage for both construction and operational risks. Contractors all risk, erection all risks, civil construction risks make up the CAR/EAR portfolio and operationally, our products include power, onshore energy, civil engineering completed risks, electronic equipment, plant and equipment and machinery.

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