Our Specialty business lines include Contingency and Political Risk & Violence.

Business lines


Our highly experienced contingency underwriters are renowned market-wide for their specialist knowledge, excellent standards of underwriting and industry-best service.

We have the capability and expertise to write and lead business across every major class of contingency. Ark’s Contingency Team are happy to work with brokers and their clients to tailor coverage to match individual requirements.

Types of cover include:

  • Event Cancellation
  • Non Appearance
  • Over Redemption
  • Prize Indemnity
  • Ad Wrap
  • Commercial Producers Indemnity
  • Advertising Agents Indemnity
  • Death and Disgrace

Political Risk & Violence

The NOA 3902 Political Risk and Violence Team offers our partners a full range of tailored insurance products.

We bring together over 75 years of combined experience in all areas of this highly specialised insurance field, with a proven track record in underwriting both political risk and violence classes of business. The NOA 3902 Syndicate benefits from the Lloyd’s chain of security and credit ratings of A+ (S&P) and AA- (Fitch).

Our aim is to build longterm partnerships with insureds across a broad spectrum of sectors, ranging from oil and gas, financial services and commercial, to residential property and utilities.

Political Violence
  • Terrorism and sabotage
  • UK terrorism
  • Strikes, riots, civil commotion and malicious acts
  • Rebellion, insurrection and coup d’etat
  • Civil war and war
  • Terrorism liability
  • Cartel violence
  • Nuclear, chemical, biological and radiological terrorism
Political Risk
  • Single counterparty non-payment and/or non-performance risk
  • Contract frustration risk
  • Confiscation, nationalisation, expropriation or deprivation of fixed or mobile assets
  • Single country or worldwide
  • Currency inconvertibility/transfer risk
  • Fair and unfair calling of bonds

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