Fine Art & Specie

the-thinkerOur Fine Art & Specie portfolio spans four classes of business in territories worldwide. They are Fine Art, Jewellers Block, Cash in Transit and General Specie.

The team at Ark is a recognised market leader in their field, providing specialist advice and customised insurance and reinsurance solutions to meet our clients’ requirements.

Areas of Business

Fine Art:

Museums, exhibitions, collectors, dealers, galleries and other institutions concerned with fine art and collectables;
All risks of physical loss or damage including loss of value.

Jewellers’ Block:

Diamond dealers, manufacturers, pawnbrokers, retailers and wholesalers involved in the Jewellery Industry;
Tailored solutions to provide cover for jewellery exhibitions, travel, goods on entrustment and other ancilliary coverages associated with the industry.

Cash in Transit:

Coverage for companies whose main focus is to provide cash processing and transit solutions for their clients;
Customised solutions for cash while in transit or being held on premises/in vault.

General Specie:

Customer groups include broker/dealers (SIPC), banks, metal traders/refiners, mining operators, SDB facilities and other entities dealing with cash, bullion and/or high/face value interests.