The Claims team manages all claims received by Ark, both from the insurance and reinsurance arms of the business. This involves assessing each claim and, if necessary, appointing external experts to provide specialist advice before making a decision on coverage issues. As such, team members will often deal directly with our insurers and the manner in which claims are handled can often ensure that the syndicate retains important accounts.

Our philosophy is to provide a proactive claims management service that will settle valid claims promptly and ensure that where claims are disputed, they are reserved properly, managed professionally and then resolved at the right time and at the right amount. The team has established a strong reputation both within its market peer group and with Lloyd’s for its claims handling expertise and its innovative approach to claims operations. The claims operations team is responsible for ensuring that the department is able to utilise its resources most efficiently and has recently been involved in the design, construction and implementation of an in-house claims workflow system. Additionally, it collects data and generates management reports.

Time spent within the Claims team will ensure that you gain experience in all aspects of the team’s work. This includes claims management, interacting with external experts, negotiation skills and working with the claims operations team.

As with all other areas of the business, skills development is very important, and to that end graduates will be expected to complete a training record. You will be assigned to a senior claims handler and will meet regularly with the Head of Claims to monitor your progress.

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