Daniel Dat Vu – Graduate Trainee

Name: Daniel Dat Vu
Job Title: Graduate Trainee
University: Imperial College London
Subject Read: MSc Petroleum Engineering
Year of Graduation: 2011

What attracted you to work in insurance?

After finishing my studies I was uncertain about what career path to take. Having worked at an oil and gas firm previously, I felt that I wanted a career that offered much more variety, as well as a challenging yet interesting work environment. After much research and I came across the Lloyd’s insurance market. What ultimately attracted me to move into the Lloyd’s market was the interaction/relationship building with clients. The Lloyd’s market covers a variety of insurance products, which are constantly evolving making it an exciting market to work in; and I can still utilise the skills and knowledge I gained throughout university.

Why Ark?

My decision to join Ark was based on a number of factors, but what really appealed to me most was the culture and its entrepreneurial environment. The openness and support of the individuals at Ark, creates a friendly atmosphere, making it easier to ask questions – which has been very beneficial for my personal development and learning experience. Being a relatively young firm, the atmosphere is very dynamic and your opinions matter to the firm. From my experience so far, I definitely feel like I’m treated like an individual and not just another employee.

Tell us about the areas of the business you have worked in

I am currently on the graduate programme at Ark, and I am in my first rotation. I am working in the Claims team where I have been exposed to a wide range of claims, from simple to complex ones. I have also had the opportunity to attend market meetings to learn about large profile claims, meet with group legal advisors to discuss claims that may lead towards arbitration and review third party expert reports. There is a steep learning curve, but the supportive culture at Ark has definitely helped me learn quickly and get to grips with all the insurance theory.

What is the social life like?

Since joining Ark, I have been involved in many social activities that have allowed me to meet other people within the organisation as well as network with people outside my day-to-day job. I have taken part in a major football tournament against other insurance companies, competed in a 3-hour endurance go-karting charity event and also played for our darts team. All of which have been integral in helping me settle down at the firm.

What is your top tip for applying for a job at Ark?

I would recommend doing some research on the background of Lloyd’s, and the various types of careers related to insurance. It worthwhile sitting down and doing a self-audit on yourself, looking back at your experiences and identifying a few of your strong skills that will be essential in this industry. Finally be yourself and be open-minded. Creative and innovative thinking are encouraged at Ark, so if you have something on your mind, share it!