Hints and Tips

Do your research

Your interest and awareness of our business and the market we operate in will be assessed during the selection process and this isn’t something that can be gained the night before an interview! We are looking for candidates who can discuss an insurance topic in an interview, bringing in their own thoughts and ideas rather than just repeating facts.

We also want to be able to talk to you about the work we do and how you see yourself fitting in – so you need to be aware of us and what we do so you are able to explore this with us at interview level.

Look around our website and visit www.graduatesatlloyds.com to ensure you have a good understanding of Ark and Lloyd’s.

Be prepared

Before completing the application form or coming for an interview, take some time to think about your past experiences – for example, previous jobs, responsibilities in clubs/societies or voluntary organisations. Think about what you have gained from them. For example, if you have had a summer or part time job take some time to think about the skills that you gained and prepare some examples that can illustrate this, thus helping us to understand what you can offer us. Check out Our Requirements for an idea of the skills we are looking for.

Be specific

We want to know specific things that you have done, so when filling in the application form or answering interview questions, take the time to think about what you are being asked and tailor your response to the specific question. It is all very well having a scenario prepared but make sure it matches up to what you have been asked – if not you will need to adapt it and make it specific.