Cargo & Specie



The cargo account covers general goods and commodities moving by air, sea, road and rail.

Cover is also available for:

  • Stock throughput business
  • Logging
  • Contractors/mobile equipment whilst in use and in store
  • Storage and XS Stock policies
  • Bulk shipments of oil, petroleum products, raw materials etc
  • Project cargo including DSU
  • Facultative or Treaty RI

Coverage is offered as per the Institute cargo clauses or on bespoke wordings where more niche areas of the book are involved. Limited perils, NAT CAT and TLO coverage is also available.


The Specie account covers transit and storage of high value goods such as fine art, valuable documents, securities, jewellery and cash. The underwriters are known market leaders in coin, stamp and collectible business including classic cars.

Cover is available for:

  • Private fine art & corporate collections
  • Fine art museums, galleries and dealers
  • Fine art shippers & packers
  • Fine art exhibitions
  • Bullion, depository & vault risks
  • Coins, stamps and collectibles
  • Classic cars
  • Wholesale, retail and manufacturing JB
  • Precious metals in transit & store

NOA’s underwriters have a combined experience of 30+ years in the market and are able to deal with geographically diverse and complex risks in both a lead and follow capacity.

Business is underwritten on both an insurance and reinsurance basis, either on a open market subscription basis or through delegated authorities and broker line slips.